About us

Friedberg & Mahn advocaten is a boutique law firm located in Amsterdam-Zuid. We are personally committed to our clients and offer each one our personal attention. They know that we always have their best interests at heart in every situation, ensuring the long-lasting professional relationships of which we are justly proud.

We specialize in employment lawcorporate lawreal estate law, as well as leisure and aviation law. We are a tight-knit team and represent a broad range of professional expertise. We know the ropes and deliver top-flight performance every single day.

We listen, give practical advice, and litigate on your behalf: we argue your case, even in situations where you are the underdog. We are not afraid to get our teeth into complicated cases because that is what we like best. We are analytical, know how to maneuver strategically, and are solution-oriented. We have a very extensive network that allows us to act fast. We know all the ins and outs.

We bring clarity to complex problems. We are resourceful and create opportunities to take action wherever possible. We come up with creative, unconventional solutions and are convincing. That’s how we get things done.

We are Friedberg & Mahn advocaten.