Judith Mahn, LL.M

Judith Mahn is the cofounder of Friedberg & Mahn advocaten. She earned her Law degree from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with a focus on Employment law, Liability law, and Contract law. She represents and counsels clients who need advice or support during legal procedures.

Judith successfully completed the postgraduate Corporate & Liability Law and Employment Law specialist programs offered by the Grotius Academy as well as the training program to become an ADR specialist/legal mediator. Judith has been actively involved as a dispute mediator, knows how to successfully solve legal conflicts, and is an experienced litigator. She always aims for the optimum result.

Judith is a member of the Netherlands Bar and registered practitioner of Employment law, Civil procedural law, and General Practices (a sub-area Civil law). In addition, Judith is a member of the VAAN (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland) and the NVvP (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht), both specialist associations for employment law and procedural law respectively.


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